Dorothée Munch

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From shadow to light

De l'ombre vers la lumière
Victory of light
Seek light
Let your own light shine
Be a super attractor
Dorothée Munch, a self-taught painter, will have progressed for nearly twenty years to transform her shadows into light, thanks to the creation of a universal language of peace on her canvases, and find her place in the world.

The beginnings: Notebook and sketchbook to free herself from shadows and find answers
In the early 2000s, Dorothée Munch, a 21-year-old geopolitical analyst, begins keeping notebooks and sketchbooks that follow her everywhere. She records the inconsistencies and darkness of the world, the nonsense of wars and incomprehension regarding hatred and extremism.
Her first canvases, very pure and painted in a very intuitive way, help to calm her mind a little. But this practice does not allow her to find answers and diminish this feeling of incomprehension and powerlessness when facing the violence of the world that she encounters in her work and travels around the world.
Before the end of the 2000s, Dorothée Munch resigned as an analyst and decided to enter teaching. In order to improve the world, if we cannot change adults, it seems important to her to start by educating, instructing and accompanying the future adults of tomorrow.

From 2010 on : From shadow to light. First paintings representing the conflicts she studied or experienced on loan through his former profession as an analyst
In parallel to her teaching job, Dorothée Munch continues to analyze conflicts and the state of the world. But this time, a new perspective emerges. It is a matter of searching and finding through writings and expert reports the slightest positive aspect that could emerge and highlighting it, presenting it as a key, a solution. Dorothée Munch makes syntheses in the form of sketches, symbols and words, then decides to assemble them on a canvas. She begins a series entitled "Shadows and Lights". It is the first time she finds a way to the light and the hope of a better world.
Canvas now seems to be the best way to synthesize her research and to convey what is important. Painting then becomes vital and compulsive.

From 2018 on : The light
His mother's death is a real shock. Out of the darkness will emerge the light. Dorothée Munch turned to neuroscience, quantum physics, spirituality and the beliefs of the First Peoples. It is possible to permanently transform the functioning of the brain and change our habits and thought patterns to become the creator of our lives and activate our physical and mental healing abilities. This is the key, turning to the light and freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs.
With this new way of seeing the world, Dorothée Munch decides to create a universal language of peace and love on her canvases, bringing together her travel experiences, messages learned, and scientific knowledge. The idea is to bring within everyone's reach what can make the world a better and happier place. A new series is born: "Light on earth".

2019 : Focusing on the essentials
Painting and transmitting messages becomes a real mission. Dorothée Munch decides to leave teaching to devote herself entirely to this task.

2020 : Beginning of a professional career
In February 2020, Dorothée Munch becomes a professional artist.

The power of forgiveness, Rwanda
Dreaming, Aboriginal Australians
Dance with life, Mongolia
Seek freedom, Cuba
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